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By way of introduction my name is John Cornwell. In the Summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to stack stones along the shore at a scenic overlook in Weekapaug, Rhode Island. This coastline was absent of any stacked stones, known as Cairns*. Over a two week period I created a number of stacks varying in size and complexity. Each stack brought a unique challenge and once completed provided a sense of fulfillment and clarity. During this period I began to notice that my stacks were being accompanied by additional stacks by people who were moved to create their own. Cool 👍!!!

​While taking this time from a chaotic world to stack stones,  I had the pleasure of talking with onlookers who were emotionally moved by the sight of stones stacked on top of one another in a perfect balance! When I asked what they felt at the sight of these stacks, many said it was difficult to describe in words! These feelings were best described as happy, peaceful, centered and light hearted.
Most importantly, everyone had a smile on their face! 😊

At the end of those two weeks, I had come to three conclusions:

Stacking stones is Fun, Relaxing and Challenging!
Stacking stones is Good for Mind and Body!
Stacked stones in their Stillness ... are Moving! The time I spent at Weekapaug gave me the idea of Sharing the Fun experience of stacking stones with more people, hence the creation of Stackit™ was born!

* Cairns: A man-made stack of stones marking a particular location, such as a memorial or landmark.
​Cairns (think of Karen with a silent e) are often found on hiking trails to mark the location and direction of the trail.
Once considered an ancient Art form, Cairns can be found worldwide.